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un5-150 series mobile rail flash butt welder

products introduction

un5-150 series mobile flash rail welder is a kind of modern high-tech welding equipment for high-speed and heavy-load jointless track and urban rail transit welding. the equipment adopts modern advanced technology of mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration, and has various functions such as automatic welding, automatic pushing convex , mobile operation. service for the rail welding of jointless track of national railway and urban rail transit, and base welding. rail of 43-75 kg/m and long rail under 500-2000m are weldable.

this series of welder including: un5-150zb、un5-150zc、un5-150zb1、un200, etc. in order to facilitate transportation and transfer, a single carton mobile rail flash butt welder with 9.1m specifications and 7.2m specifications is designed.

un5-150 series mobile flash rail welder is able to complete the welding under the working environment with height above sea level≤3000m and ambient temperature at -10℃~+40℃. the container has functions of wind-proof, sand-proof, heat preservation and uv radiation, etc., applicable to different environment, such as railway, metro, etc. each type of welder can be equipped with special diesel generating set exhaust purifier ,which can greatly reduce the solid particles and harmful gas from the vent gas of diesel engine, so as to greatly improve the emission status of diesel generator unit in the closed environment, especially in the long tunnel construction of metro, and can optimize the working environment and reduce the risk of occupational disease.

main features

un5-150 series mobile flash rail welder is mainly used for site track unit welding construction, base welding  and also lock welding through curve adjusting method.

performance characteristics

suitable for welding kinds of steel rails with weldable sectional area ≤ 10000mm².

automatic welding function. different types of welder can achieve the following functions: removing knob by pressure and use of a knob removing tool, removing knob by pressure and without knob removing tool, removing knob not by pressure. the machine can provide a comprehensive choice, and it has advantage in various occasions of rail welding.

adopting ac welding, it has the character of small volume, light weight, high reliability and especially low failure rate.

adopting detachable electrode, it has character of good conductive effect, low cost and easy maintenance.

two different operating interfaces, chinese and english, to satisfy customer requirements.

by setting the process parameters, can satisfy the welding of different steel and rail type. and the process parameters can be long term storage and using.

acquisition and analysis and judgement system of welding data, realizes the back control of welding joint quality, which is very convenient for welding quality management.

adopt the rail waist clamping method, that is the clamping position is the rail waist, and the clamping point is arranged on the "central axis" of the rail.

two flash heating modes: continues and pulse.